keep it simple

Wi-Shop is for small businesses that want no hassle. Our offer is simple and allows you to bring you business online in just a few steps.

We exist to serve entrepreneurs that love straightforward and streamlined solutions, to the rather urgent need of selling online.

This is all it takes:

  • Create your account
  • Upload your products
  • Let your customers know you are online
  • FULL access
  • FREE support
  • NO card required


Fast and Reliable

We all loved template sites like WordPress hosted by local companies in the past, but using a much lighter platform sitting on top of AWS makes your customers experience much better

Zero commission

We are just helping your business to sell online so why would we take part of your profits?

Backed by industry leaders

Wi-Shop is hosted by AWS and relies in Stripe to handle payments, giving you security and plenty of room to scale.

Get your money faster

Receive the money for your sales directly into your company bank account in just a few days (it goes directly from Stripe to your bank account)

Safe and Simple

Avoid hasle with fraud by using our robust checkout system. Process your orders, contact your customers and update your inventory from a single admin page.

Simple to expand as you grow

Wi-Shop was built on top of the HoxWi platform, which requires little or no technical skills to personalise or expand your shop.

Exclusive Joint-trade System

Wi-Shop is disrupting the way e-commerce is seen by small businesses and small business customers.

Integrate with other Wi-Shop sellers bringing their products to your own store and making yours available to theirs, it will help you attracting more customers and give strenght to your local cluster.

Leave the complexity with us:

  • Choose any product you want, when you want it
  • Make any of your products available to others
  • Rule your own commission margins
  • We split the payments and take care of the integration - it will be transparent to your customers


Our offer is based on the size of your product catalogue and sales volume. Prices include all you need, except services provided by our partners (credit card transactions, send emails or SMS messages, etc), which add to our services.


Ideal for sole-traders and small shops.

Starting at 0 Per Month

For customers with up to 20 items for sale and volume of sales bellow EUR 10.000,00 per month.

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Ideal for existing customers willing to expand

Starting at 0 Per Month

For customers with up to 500 items for sale and volume of sales bellow EUR 150.000,00 per month.

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Try it for 90 days free of charge. This is plenty of time for you to try and experiment. We are certain that you will enjoy the experience and enroll in one of our plans.

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